A better way to take photos

With the Carswip app, you get an easy-to-use framework that guides you to take the best photos of your cars.

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Take photos with ease

Taking photos of your cars becomes a breeze thanks to the easy-to-use guidelines.

Person taking photo of a car using their phone

Ensure consistency

Get a consistent online presentation across all cars, no matter who takes the photos or what department they are in.

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Optimise your photo process

Save time by not messing around with camera settings and wires. We deliver your photos straight to the Carswip Web App, to your Dropbox account, or even directly to your car marketplace platform (optional extra).

Carswip integration with marketplaces, Carswip Web App, and Dropbox

Why organisations love the Carswip App

Template Locking

With our template lock feature, you ensure that you always get the right photos in the right order, no matter who is taking them.


Your photos across car lists and even departments will always be consistent in regards to angles and order.

Marketplace Upload

We'll take care of uploading your photos, regardless of which car marketplace platforms you use. (Optional Extra)

How it works

Step 1

Select car type

Whether you are taking photos of a convertible or a commercial van, we've got your back with tailor-made guides for each car type.

Step 2

Align and take photos

Simply align the on-screen guide to your car and snap the photo. Repeat this step until you have got all the photos you need.

Step 3

Finish your photo collection

Finally, enter a fitting name for your photo collection. This could, for example, be the car's internal ID at your dealership.

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