Improving photo quality for a premium-make dealership through improved lighting and more accurate colours.

About Motorpoint

Motorpoint is a car dealership based in Herning Denmark, who focuses on premium-makes such as Porsche, BMW and Volvo. Motorpoint is a part of Bjarne Nielsen, a large Danish dealership chain, who also own and Bilernes Hus in Silkeborg Denmark.

How Carswip Helped

Since July 2016, we have helped Motorpoint improve their online presentation of their cars by optimising all of their photos with our Light Editing service. Using this image editing, we were able to fix the issues Motorpoint previously had encountered with lighting, as well as increase the overall quality of their photos.


Using Carswip, Motorpoint has achieved a much higher quality in photos on their online car ads, enabling them to stand out on car marketplaces as well as branding themselves as a professional dealership. Below are just some of the results Motorpoint have achieved by using Carswip:

  • Improved lighting in photos
  • Brighter and more accurate colours
  • Increase in views on cars
  • Increase in inquiries

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